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      1. Human Resources

        For years, Guangbo Group always devotes into establishing harmonious development view inside the enterprise. It makes great efforts to cultivate the fair, democratic, honest and healthy enterprise atmosphere, putting independent enterprenenr spirit into whole staff enterprise sprit and establishing enterprise culture with the core value of innovation, learning, honesty and mission, so as to promote Guangbo Group on the way of specialization, diversification and globalization.

        Now many enterprises only implement enterprenenrs' own concepts, instilling and assimilate artificially, and neglect the compatiblility produced by employees in accepting enterprise culture itself. In view of this situation, Guangbo Group puts forward "harmonious developing concept". It doesn't simply conclude the enterprise culture construction bo enterprise itself, but mostly exert the spirit of every employee. The career planning for every employee becomes the most important one in the management of human resource.

        Guangbo's view toward talents is missing nobody, considering the talents from dynamic angle and pay attention to talents' cultivation and application, and recyclig use. By establishing right safeguarding center and green mailbox, it puts forward reasonable suggestions on organizing various cultural activities, strengthens the first line staffs basic training, skill training and academic training and permeats career planning to the first line staff. Therefore, Guangbo Group establishes library inside the enterprise, providing lots of professional books on the aspects of technique and skill for the employees. It especially contacts some training companies and gives operation training. All because of that, about 540 employees obtain working qualification certification and the accident rates of the thousand equipments are reduced. Besides, it improves the efficiency over 30%. It truly realizes the deep mining and recycling use of the talents, in accordance with the "learning type" concept advocated by Guangbo Group, becoming the original power to promote enterprises sustainable and healthy development.
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