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        Guangbo Group Holds the First Employee Reading Club
        Release time:2023-04-18 Browse times:264

        Recently, with the opening speech of the intellectual, the first employee reading club of Guangbo Group was held in the library of the employee dormitory.More than 40 colleagues from different departments, led by the lead reader, Teacher Wang Hongyu, shared Professor Mai's work "The Sea of Life". Shu Yueping,deputy secretary of the Party committee of Guangbo Group, attended.


        “The Sea of Life” is a novel created by contemporary Chinese writer Mai Jia. It presents a legendary character to readers in plain and vivid language, restoring the hero's ordinary emotions and principles as an ordinary person.In Teacher Wang's interpretation, many employees also boldly shared their reading experiences, incorporating the life philosophy from the book into their actual lives, thereby encouraging everyone to actively and bravely live. Sharing reading, pursuing dreams together, reading will allow everyone to collide with ideas and expand their breadth of thinking.


        This reading club is a close part of the employee activities of Guangbo Group, and it also happens to be a vivid portrayal of the Ningbo National Reading Month.Reading for reason and applying it to practical situations; Reading clear history and understanding the past and present. I hope all employees can pick up the books around them and regain the beauty of reading in their busy work and life.


        • WeiBo

        • WeiXin

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