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        Guangbo Shares has won multiple honorary titles in the stationery industry
        Release time:2023-04-03 Browse times:360

        On March 22nd, the 2023 China Cultural, Educational, and Sports Goods Association hosted the China Cultural, Educational, and Sports Goods Industry Development Summit Forum, which was successfully held in Ningbo.Against the background of the impact of the COVID-19, the impact of the double reduction policy, profound changes in the domestic and international situation, and increased uncertainty, many stationery enterprises overcame many difficulties, tried every means to seize opportunities, and forge ahead for development, so that the development of the stationery and office supplies industry has maintained a stable and good overall posture.In the extraordinary journey they have gone through, many enterprises have written brilliant achievements.

        Wang Liping, chairman of Guangbo Group, has been awarded the title of meritorious figure in the development of Ningbo stationery industry for 20 Years. Guangbo Group has been awarded the titles of Top 10 Manufacturing Enterprises, Top 10 Export Enterprises, and Demonstration Enterprises of "Counterpart Assistance and Mountain Sea Cooperation" in Ningbo Stationery Industry.


        2023 is the beginning year of fully implementing the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. Guangbo Group will focus on the era proposition of how to fully implement the new development concept, accelerate the construction of a new development pattern, and promote high-quality development of enterprises. We will set sail again, seek new development, and create new brilliance.


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