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        Implement safety inspection and build a 5S enterprise
        Release time:2023-03-17 Browse times:507

        On March 16th, Guangbo Group ushered in the first high standard and strict safety inspection activity in 2023.Chairman Wang Liping personally led an inspection team composed of middle and senior leaders of the company to inspect and evaluate various departments of the company in accordance with the 5S on-site management regulations.The core and essence of this activity is to improve the quality of the company's personnel and improve the overall quality of the staff.


        "5S" refers to the abbreviation of the five words "Seiri", "Seiton", "Seiso", "Seiketsu", and "Shitsuke". It is a comprehensive consideration of the overall environment of the production site, and the formulation of practical plans and measures to achieve standardized management.

        Chairman Wang Liping led the inspection team to inspect each floor of the company's administrative building and the fire safety corner one by one, and carried out serious and objective improvement work based on the problems found in the inspection.The inspection team pays particular attention to details, such as the sample room, fire-fighting facilities, and office environment, the appearance and mental outlook of employees, etc.


        After the inspection, he pointed out that the entire company's leaders and employees should consciously compare and inspect themselves during this activity, and actively refer to and implement advanced examples and typical examples that emerged during the inspection process. At the same time, it is necessary to prevent the development of undesirable aspects by preventing them from developing gradually, and do everything in detail.



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