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        Guangbo Group holds International Women's Day celebration
        Release time:2023-03-09 Browse times:452

        In spring, all things glow.On the occasion of the 111th International Women's Day, the office of Guangbo Group and the women's federation of Guangbo Group held a unique low-carbon and beautiful event on March 8th, "wearing Han suits and painting moon-shaped fan", offering sincere and warm blessings to all female employees, while promoting the core culture of Guangbo Group.This event received a positive response and welcome from female employees, with a total of over 50 people participating in the event. Wearing Han suits, painting traditional Chinese paintings, and showing off moon-shaped fans not only enhanced everyone's feelings, but also relieved work pressure during the busy and stressful work hours.


        At the event site, everyone set aside their busy work and enjoyed the good times in life. Collate hair accessories and clothing belts with each other, dot the ink fan, and everyone exudes a happy smile.


        Guangbo Group currently has nearly 2000 female employees, either in the production department, or in the business department, or managing administrative work, or maintaining logistics support. However, each of them is flashing wisdom and blooming in their own positions, truly supporting the "half sky" of Guangbo.


        With their actions, they fulfill the mission of Guangbo and adhere to its core values. They sparkle in their posts, and their strength is worth being seen.


        • WeiBo

        • WeiXin

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