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        Guangbo Group held the first staff and trade union member congress in 2023
        Release time:2023-02-24 Browse times:481

        At the critical time when Guangbo Group faces the new stage of the next three decades and plans for a new future, the first staff and trade union member congress of the Group in 2023 was grandly held on February 24.This is a meeting to promote democracy and gather good policies and strength for development, and it is also a mobilization meeting to encourage the company's cadres and staff to stand on a new starting point, grasp new opportunities, practice new missions and achieve new breakthroughs.


        At this meeting, all the staff listened to and deliberated the report on the qualification review of employee representatives and the report on the election of employee representative supervisors, participated in the voting, and finally elected Comrade Lin Xiaofan as the employee representative supervisor.Subsequently, the HR Manager Zhou Lizheng read out the Guangbo Employee Handbook, and the HR Director Zhang Xiaoli read out the draft Rules and Regulations on the Payment of Various Bonuses in 2023. Finally, Shu Yueping, deputy secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the trade union, delivered a speech on the new corporate culture of Guangbo Group.


        The topics of this meeting are rich and significant, and are related to the development of the company and the vital interests of the staff. It is hoped that all departments and the general staff, especially the representatives of the staff attending the meeting, must strengthen their sense of mission and responsibility, and continue to contribute to the new journey of Guangbo Group.



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