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        Guangbo Group carries out fire fighting skill training for all employees
        Release time:2023-02-23 Browse times:491

        In order to further strengthen the fire safety awareness and fire disposal ability of all employees, and continuously improve the fire safety management level of all departments, Guangbo Group has carried out fire fighting skill training throughout the company.

        During the training, the lecturer, combining with typical fire cases and focusing on several major fire safety hazards in the production process, explained in detail how to check and eliminate the fire hazards, how to put out the initial fire, and how to correctly escape and save themselves.At the same time, according to the actual situation in the industrial park and the workshop, the focus was on the fire safety management work, and closely combined with the situation that is easy to occur in daily life. The importance of fire prevention is expounded at multiple levels.


        After the training meeting, the lecturer led the training staff to the simulation site, explained the correct use of fire extinguishers, hose water guns and other common fire extinguishing equipment, and organized fire fighting drills. The employees who participated in the training actively participated in the experience and further consolidated their ability to put out the initial fire.


        Through this training, the awareness of fire safety, responsibility and self-protection and self-rescue ability of employees were effectively improved, and the ability of fire hazard detection and rectification and initial fire fighting was improved.It is hoped that all employees can have a deeper understanding of fire safety knowledge, and apply the learned fire safety knowledge to daily fire management work while conscientiously performing their duties, so as to build a solid "firewall" for Guangbo fire safety.

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