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        Guangbo Group was invited to participate in the first global digital trade fair
        Release time:2022-12-15 Browse times:713

        Recently, the first Global Digital Trade Expo co sponsored by the People's government of Zhejiang province and the ministry of commerce came to an end in Hangzhou. As a Ningbo enterprise, Guangbo Group participated in the only national and global professional exhibition with the theme of digital trade in China.

        The first Digital Trade Fair, themed "Digital Trade Connect Worldwide", focused on the development trend of global digital trade and the development achievements of China's digital trade, extensively invited international organizations, international politicians and international enterprises, and witnessed various "firsts" in the field of global digital trade.


        As a large manufacturing enterprise integrating office stationery, printing paper products, plastic products manufacturing and import and export trade, Guangbo Group has constantly broken the traditional foreign trade enterprise model, focused on customer needs, followed the market trend, and made a series of explorations in product innovation and design creativity. The latest products such as cross-border co branding and IP fashion games also appeared in this exhibition one by one, and received many favorable comments.


        In recent years, the company has been committed to making digital concepts "run", integrating digitalization with production, design and marketing, making customers, production lines and designers communicate freely online through the CTP system, and truly reflecting customers' needs on products. Through the digital three-dimensional intelligent warehouse, the traditional "data entry" will be transformed into "data entry" compatible with "data collection", and the "manual searching" will be transformed into "guided positioning picking", so as to realize the accurate and efficient operation of products between warehousing and logistics.


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