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        Guangbo Group holds the sixth executive work (enlarged) meeting in 2022
        Release time:2022-09-30 Browse times:1359

        On the afternoon of September 29, Guangbo Group held the sixth executive work (enlarged) meeting in 2022. The meeting focused on the promotion and implementation of safe and civilized production and epidemic prevention and control in the three major industrial parks during the National Day. Members of the Group's executive meeting, some members of the Party Committee, heads of subsidiaries and relevant departments attended the meeting and made relevant work reports.

        Chairman Wang Liping made important instructions for various work. He pointed out that according to the current repeated epidemic situation and the government's one size fits all prevention and control policies, all employees of the Group company must comply with the provisions of "reporting when going out of big cities".The requirements for epidemic prevention and control during the National Day must be strictly implemented, and the importance and strictness of prevention and control must be recognized. The management cadres should assume the responsibility for epidemic prevention and control, complete all reporting work in a down-to-earth manner, adhere to the principle of "management of production must be management of epidemic prevention and control", and at the same time, do three no's.First, don’t be magnified and over analyzed without reason.Seriously and earnestly address the current epidemic prevention and control requirements, but can not use the epidemic to be magnified and over analyzed. Second, employees who need to go out or return to Ningbo due to diseases and other emergencies should not be embarrassed for no reason on the basis of reporting.The third is to put an end to the phenomenon that leading cadres do not take responsibility for epidemic prevention and control without any reason. Leading cadres should be brave to take responsibility.

        For the outstanding meritorious figures in the 30th anniversary of the Group Company, we need to refine the selection criteria and scope, adhere to the principle of openness, fairness and justice, and by year and contribution, both ordinary "screws" and outstanding meritorious teachers have the opportunity to win awards.

        Wang Liping emphasized that the 30th anniversary is not a celebration, but a publicity of the decades of development experience of the two major industrial sectors, which is also the starting point of Guangbo brand in the new era. Both management cadres and employees need to unite and work hard to ensure that Guangbo after 30 years still has excellent spiritual heritage, and only after the formation of huge energy can everyone share the company's achievements.

        The meeting also discussed and arranged the agenda of civilized and safe production during the National Day holiday and suggestions for the 30th anniversary.

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