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        Guangbo Group holds a special deployment meeting for the prevention of typhoon "Meihua"
        Release time:2022-09-14 Browse times:1327

        The 12th typhoon of this year, "Meihua", is facing Ningbo with great threat. At 6:00 on September 14, the provincial defense index raised the typhoon emergency response to Level I.At 11:00, Guangbo Group held a special deployment meeting for the defense of Typhoon 12 "Meihua", to analyze and judge the typhoon dynamics, study and deploy the defense response. Wang Liping, secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the board of directors of the company, presided over the meeting and put forward relevant requirements.

        He stressed that all departments should go all out to fight against the typhoon "Meihua" according to the decision and deployment of the meeting. First of all, we should be well prepared to implement our responsibilities.Typhoon "Meihua" is about to attack Ningbo head-on, which is characterized by strong wind and heavy rainfall. It is necessary to deeply understand the seriousness of the current typhoon prevention work, always maintain the sense of responsibility of "always being reassured", carry forward the spirit of continuous fighting. Leading cadres should be on duty, Party members and cadres should be in the forefront. Secondly, we should make overall arrangements and prevent typhoon scientifically.Improve the scientific arrangement and deployment of typhoon defense war, be rigorous and humanistic in personnel arrangement, highlight key anti typhoon places such as production workshops and warehouses according to local conditions, and do not fight fatigue war.We should think in the overall situation to ensure safety.Seriously implement the concept of flood and typhoon prevention to protect the safety of employees and property, adhere to the overall thinking, estimate the difficulties more fully, make the best preparation with the worst plan, firmly hold the last line of defense of each department, and take the main action of defending typhoon No. 12 "Meihua" as the main action to ensure the safety of things and people.

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